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Halloween with muvee’s Video Editing Software

What’s more delightful than a chocolate bar stolen from your favorite Trick-or-Treater’s bag? A Halloween slideshow made with muvee’s video editing software of course! Instead of sneaking candy this year, create a photo and video slideshow your whole family will love.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is filled with fun activities. Grab some priceless video of the family’s annual pumpkin carving and snap some shots of your Halloween décor. Glowing Jack-o-lanterns, putting on costumes and attending fall parties all make for great photo and video moments too.

Add Spooky Captions

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean words don’t have a place in your slideshow. Adding captions and intertitles is easy using muvee’s video editor. Even simple words like “Boo!” or “Trick-or-Treat” can add some flair to your finished product.

Don’t Forget the Adults

While kids are adorable subjects for a Halloween slideshow, adults can make a great addition too. Don’t forget to take some photos of the adults. Why should you leave all the Halloween fun to the kiddos?

Halloween Through the Years  31-10-Halloween-through-the-years

If you want a creative slideshow idea, showcase your little ones as they grow by scanning an inputting old Halloween photos into your video editing software. Everyone will love walking down memory lane and remembering the year Johnny was a pirate, a skeleton, etc.

Scare Some Trick-Or-Treaters

Photo slideshows aren’t just for memories; they can be a wonderful enhancement to your Halloween party or décor. Create a slideshow of spooky pictures to show at your Halloween party or project onto a screen for Halloween guests.

How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Our crystal ball says a ghoulish slideshow or two are in your future. Use muvee’s video editor to make your Halloween nightmares come true.

Troubleshooting Professional Video Editing Software

Nothing is more frustrating than software that isn’t working like you expected. But, don’t worry, we’ll help you find the problem. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips you can try if you ever have trouble using our professional video editing software.

What Version Are You Using?

If you’re having trouble with your software, check and see what version you’re using. If you are using an older version of the software, you might want to update. We are constantly fixing bugs, adding new features and improving usability. We recommend  uninstalling the older version of the software first and then reinstalling the program.

Try a Sample

If you’re still having trouble, give our sample media files a try. You can find them at C:\Program Files\muvee Technologies\muvee Reveal\Samples.  Try making a muvee again using these sample files.

Make the Mistake Happen Again

When you’re getting an error, the last thing you want to do is make it happen twice, but this can actually be a valuable troubleshooting tool. Try to recreate the error while capturing important data on your log files. We can use this log information to troubleshoot your problem with you, find the problem and get you back up and running.

Your system doesn’t generally create log files, you’ll have to change a few settings to make it happen. Head to our troubleshooting forum for step by step instructions.

We’re sorry that you’re having trouble with your muvee software. Get in touch with us for some help or try these professional video editing software troubleshooting tips to resolve your issue.

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