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Video Editing Software For Small Businesses


If you own a small business or work for one and are looking to showcase what you do, look no further! They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth much more.

Here are a few reasons why you need to make videos for your business:

  1. Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them- Allow potential customers to see what it’s like to experience what your business is all about.
  2. Reach Over 1 Billion People- Upload your video to YouTube and expose yourself to a wider audience, who might eventually become customers.
  3. Spread The Love- Have something that happy customers can share with their friends on social media so that you can gain more traction.

Check out how Coffee Bandits utilized muvee Reveal Business to promote and feature their food truck:


You Asked, We Answered: Volume 1

Customer Service 1

Customer Service 1

As an effort to continually improve our Customer Service, we will be starting a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Our hope is that you will find the solutions to your issues more effortlessly.

Question: Why are my photos overlapping when I use certain Styles on muvee Reveal?


The issue with the photos overlapping each other is related to Intel HD graphics card. Please follow the steps below to rectify the issue:

  1. Kindly uninstall muvee Reveal 11 and styles

    1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Programs and Features’. Please uninstall the program in the following order-

      1. muvee Reveal 11

      2. muvee stylePack(if any)

      3. muvee Dolby Addon (if any)

      4. muvee Reveal Runtime

  2. Download the fix from the link below:  ftp://muveeUserMedia:UM12oPLkadtunb9@

  3. Unzip and extract the downloaded file onto your computer (save it to the Desktop)

  4. Open the extracted file and run the following files:

    1. commonmodules.msi

    2. product.msi

  5. Launch muvee Reveal 11 – problem solved!

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