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A Picture Perfect Thanksgiving- Creating Great Poses for Your Thanksgiving Video Slideshow

When you head to Thanksgiving dinner this year, take the camera along. It’s a great opportunity to take a new family photo. After the meal, strike a pose or two and capture your family. These memories will last a lifetime. (For a thoughtful and inexpensive holiday gift, create a video slideshow of all the photos to give out.)

For professional quality shots without a professional photographer, try these simple posing ideas. Small group or large, the right pose is easier than you might think.

Small Groups

  •  Get Together- You love your family, so show it in your pictures. Squeeze together, even if space isn’t a problem. Using natural frames found around the house or yard is a great way to do this. An old barn doorway, entry way between two walls or even the front porch can create a natural frame to highlight a small family.
  • Sit and Stand- Everyone in the photo doesn’t have to do the same thing. Consider having some people sit and others stand. Laps make great natural chairs for small children. For a unique look consider having Mom and Dad sit down with their kids standing behind them. Forget tradition and mix things up!

Large Groups

  • Add Kids at the End- Little ones get squirmy during a long photo session. Consider letting them run and play while you get the adults in place. Add the kids at the end for less wiggles and better pictures.
  • Coordinate- While it does a bit of extra effort to get everyone to wear similar colors, it pays off in big results when it comes time to pose for photos. Send out a quick email or Facebook message asking everyone to wear a similar color. Choose common colors everyone is likely to have in their closet. This one step will tie the photo together and make everyone appear like part of the group.
  • Create Layers- With big groups there aren’t many posing options, but your best bet is to layer everyone up. Trying to get everyone in one long line will just result in tiny faces in the final picture. Layers allow you to squeeze more people into a space. Bunch up close… after all, you’re family!

Are you taking family pictures this holiday season?

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips- Creating a Video Slideshow Worthy Shot

Food photography is all the rage lately. People love snapping photos of their delicious meals at restaurants and bakeries. Don’t limit your fun to only foods others prepare. Thanksgiving can be a fun time to show off your plate and tell the world what tasty treats you can make.

Food photography is an art form, but even the novice can take some amazing shots. Here are some tips for taking great food photos. Start snapping those shots and see what you can capture and then use a video slideshow maker to create a mouthwatering slideshow.

Contrast with the Plate

Choosing a plate carefully can have a big impact on your photo. White plates work best for dark foods while darker plates accent lighter options. Even a bold, patterned plate can look great as long as the food display is simple.

Use Props

That gorgeous turkey looks great on its own, but it might look even better paired with a few simple props. Add a few stalks of celery or some fresh onions  and carrots around the pan. Show the progression from raw to cooked by taking photos as the meal is prepared. blog-props-bean

Wipe, Wipe, Wipe

Clean plates are essential for good food photography. Keep a clean rag handy and wipe plates as the food is placed on them. Remove drips, spills and even fingerprints.

Change the Angle

Take photos from every angle: above, below and to the side. Take lots of shots and try different things. Experimentation often leads to the best photos.

Don’t Forget the Family

During the holidays you’re sure to have lots of family around. Add them to your photos when you can. Sure, that cookie looks delicious, but think how it might look in Cousin Andy’s hand. People can make great props too.

Yum, yum, yum! Capture the savory goodness of your Thanksgiving meal this year with some stunning photos. We can’t wait to stumble across your food photography slideshow on YouTube or Vimeo!

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