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Introducing the muveeGals: Jasmine and Jade


We’ve added 2 to our team!  They are going to be blogging about their adventures, sharing their travels with us on Facebook, and sharing their video adventures on YouTube. Here is the story of how the muveeGals began their journey! We’re excited to have them as part of our team! Follow them using #muveeGals on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Life is just too short – a phrase that has instigated our crazy family gap year.

We have decided to take a year out of education at the ages of 18 and 16 to travel the world and experience new adventures.  It seems that we are all rushed into life and made to think that speeding ahead into further education or a new job is the best approach, when in fact this isn’t speeding ahead at all.  By working with no breaks, we lose perspective.  It’s like reading a page with no paragraphs, a sentence with no full stops.  It’s so easy to live with our heads down and to follow the masses in this fast paced world.  We just want a year to decide on the best paths for us to take in the future, we believe that to stop and think is the best thing a person could do. The clock will never pause but we can.

The first chapter of our gap year began in our hometown of London, England, where we took a two-month film course at the Met Film School in Ealing, where we learnt about the industry and created our own short film. (PS we are sisters).

The next chapter of our adventure took us to the buzzing city of San Francisco, filled with diverse culture and endless activity, where we are currently living now. We have been spending our time here doing internships in various media agencies to decide on our careers and what we enjoy. That’s how we met muvee!

We have also been travelling around South America for the past few weeks, but we will tell you all about that a little later.

Over the next month we will be saying goodbye to the familiar fog of San Francisco and hello to the unfamiliar heat of India.

The charity, Pratham awaits for us when we arrive in India, where we are making a film for their 20th anniversary. The incredible charity helps women and children in impoverished areas to receive an education. Pratham has reached over 30 million children to date.

We can’t wait to share our adventures and stories with you as they unfold!

 Keep seeking the adventure within you,

Jasmine and Jade, the muveeGals



It’s here! muvee Reveal 11 Launches Today!

Fans, friends and readers. We know it’s been awhile since we have added new features to our beloved muvee Reveal product so we are very excited to introduce you to muvee Reveal 11. We’ve taken a lot of customer feedback regarding new features and hope you will like what muvee Reveal 11 has to offer. Here are the highlights!


Cinematic Titles

We had professionals create a bunch of Trailer-style Title complete with its own short music tracks.  You have the option of nominating 4 photos to be featured, along with mentions of the Director, Star and Producer.  We also automatically create a billboard for each of your muvee project.  Go on, be the star, or be the director.  Or better yet.  Be both.

Tweak your own Custom Styles

Start with a Style you like as a base.  Then add your own ingredients from setting a faster pace, to selecting a color filter, to even changing the default font and background colors. When you are done tweaking, save your unique recipe and give it a new name.  Voila!  Your very own Style.


Found in the photo options drop down (right click on any photos), you can now add stickers to photos.  Choose from many categories of stickers, from frames and borders, to hand drawn embellishments, to even light sparkles, fireworks and cute stickers for kids.  You can then save a new photo with these embellishments for Facebook before using them in your muvee slideshow.

Take control of your muvee

Now you can tell muvee Reveal how you want it to prioritize your videos and photos and music.  We have redesigned all these controls into a single page where you can simply tick the boxes and make very different edits instantly.

Collaborate and Edit Anywhere

Started your project in school or in the office and you want to continue editing on your home PC?  Are you collaborating on a joint trip video?  Now you can zip up all the photos, videos, and music content along with all settings, captions, intertitles and every imaginable detailed setting of your projects into a single file, and continue where you left off on another machine.

Capture and Add Video Snapshots

Now you can select images directly from your video clips and save! Want to submit a photo for the GoPro Photo of the Day competition?  Or simply to post on Facebook?  Import a video, and take snapshots of any frame in the video instantly by clicking “Capture”.

We’d love to hear what you think and are looking forward to your feedback. As always, please feel free to email lindsay at if you have any comments or questions. She’s happy to help and pass along feedback. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming holiday promotions. You won’t want to miss out on what’s coming up in November and December!


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