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Movie Making Tip – 5 Great Video Sharing Platforms

You’ve made a hilarious movie, now what do you do? Share it of course with friends, family or the world. One of the best parts of movie making is sharing your results. Video sharing platforms make it easy to get … Continue reading

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5 tips for taking better nighttime photos and using a video creator to show friends

Nighttime photos can be nothing short of magical if you take them properly, but if you don’t know what you are doing that magical nighttime moment will quickly turn into a blurry, unrecognizable photo. Here are five tips for taking … Continue reading

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5 tips for making better kids videos and using video editing software

To a parent the brightest stars in Hollywood don’t shine brighter than their little ones, but to the rest of us, hours of watching Johnny sing the ABCs is nothing short of torture. If you want others to enjoy your … Continue reading

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Top Viral Internet Marketing Videos in 2012 (so far)

More and more brands are making internet marketing videos to spread their story and attract new customers. It makes sense why too… it is working. Millions of consumers are not only watching, but they are talking about and sharing them … Continue reading

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Interview with Greg Miller, Photographer [Podcast]

Nevin Thompson talks to professional photographer, Greg Miller. Greg has some great tips for aspiring photographers, such as how to create more interesting photo slideshows and  how to prepare for a photoshoot. You can find Greg Miller online at Subscribe to … Continue reading

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Will mobile kill watching video online? [infographic]

It seems like just last year that online video was the biggest thing since email. However, the explosion in smartphones and mobile apps is rapidly transforming how people watch and share video. Check out this cool infographic to learn more.

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