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Video tips: how to shoot video of toddlers and young children

Shooting video of toddlers and younger children can be challenging, because they present two very different problems for videographers: 1) they often freeze up and try to pose for the camera or 2) paradoxically, they never still enough so that … Continue reading

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Use muvee to make a Father’s Day video slideshow

Father’s Day is just around the corner (well, it’s about a month away, but it never hurts to start early), and, instead of buying him new socks, why not make him a muvee? Nothing says love like a personalized YouTube … Continue reading

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How to preserve the magic of your wedding with muvee’s storyboard feature

June is traditionally the most popular month to get married (although August is a close second). Why?┬áThe reason has to do with nice weather and with an ancient Roman goddess named Juno,┬áthe Roman goddess of marriage, and the namesake of … Continue reading

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