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Photo Slideshow Software: Features from muvee you didn’t even know about!

If you’ve ever used photo slideshow software you know how great it is for replaying and sharing photo memories. We wanted to highlight a few features that make muvee Reveal stand out from the rest. You may be using muvee and not have known these features existed!

Use photos from different cameras!

muvee Reveal allows you to import photos and videos from multiple cameras which means you can use photos and video from family and friends that were there! Even if each source comes in different formats, sizes, aspect ratios (that is 16:9 wide screen, or the traditional 4:3 like a 4X10 photo), it doesn’t matter. muvee Reveal makes it easy to bring it all together to make movie magic!

Zoom in on the action with magicSpot

Pan in on vacation photos or zoom in on that perfect smile with magicSpot.
We automatically zoom in on faces but you can manually control that pan and zoom if your focus is elsewhere! Zoom in on the man jumping in the in Rome’s Trevi Fountain in the background. Pan from the tip of the pyramid to the base! You choose the best part of the photo!

magicSpot photo tool from muvee

Storytelling made easy

Add extra special touches to your photo slideshows with captions, titles, credits and voiceover.

Styles for every occasion

muvee is the only photo slideshow software that has Styles built in with professional effects, transitions, and all the fine subtle techniques that film experts use. Don’t tinker with a toolbox of color filters and timelines! We hired the film school geeks to create the template for you so you can focus on capturing those special moments, writing your clever Captions, and choosing a Style to showcase your story.

Hope you found these tips helpful! We can’t wait to see your muvees!

Introducing…The muvee Social photoStory app for Android!

You’ve asked for it and it’s finally here! Keep up to date with your friends’ and family’s photos and your own Twitter feed right from your Android handset or tablet with muvee’s Social photoStory app. Never miss out on what’s going on through an interactive slideshow of picture updates!

Say you’ve been out of town, or work has kept you from your daily Facebook check-in. You’re feeling slightly out of the loop so you open muvee Social photoStory. Select the Update mode to view photos from the last week! You have the option to select photos from personal Facebook albums, friends’ albums, and Flickr.

Social photoStory Android app

Discover pics you may have missed or go even further back and check out past vacation photos by simply selecting the Reminisce mode to show past photos, including your oldest albums. Add some music and view comments you may have missed. Sit back and relax!

Information is pulled from photos (when available) including comments, likes and photo locations. Music can be added from your Android device and played during the live slideshow. A real-time Twitter feed, as well as the date and time, are displayed within the moving background.

muvee’s Social photoStory app is available now at the Android app store for $4.99.

Even laptop Magazine thinks this is cool!

So tell us in the comments why you HAVE to have this app, and we’ll pick one lucky winner for a free download! (Then you can be first of your friends to get it and make everyone jealous.)

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