The Amazing World of GoPro- Enjoy These 3 Stunning Videos

Do you have a GoPro camera? How do you like to use it? Some stunning videos produced on these tiny, versatile cameras are sweeping the web. The key to a good GoPro video (as you’ll see) is a lot of editing. You’ll end up with a lot of raw footage; scaling it down to a minute or two with video editing software is essential to create a video people will want to enjoy.

Check out a few our favorite GoPro videos from around the web.

See the World from a Homeless Perspective

It’s easy to judge the homeless or to look away when we see them on the streets. The Homeless GoPro project is looking to remove that divide. They’ve provided some of San Francisco’s homeless with donated GoPro cameras to capture their world and share. The project is still in its infancy, but I’m excited to see the videos (and hopefully positive change) that come from during the coming months.

Capture Your Best

Do you have a special talent? Use your GoPro camera to capture it. This Venice Beach juggler did just that, with impressive results. The unique perspective afforded by a GoPro camera showcases juggling in a whole new light. This technique would work well to showcase a variety of different skills from dancing to swimming to painting and more. Capture what you do best; we’d love to see it!

Go Pro- Super Hero Style

If Superman were to wear a GoPro camera, what type of footage would he create? This clever video has the answers. Watch as this beloved hero zips through the air, fights villains, and rescues damsels in distress.

Hopefully these stunning videos have inspired you to create some of your own. With GoPro you don’t need to do anything special to create an amazing video. Just capture your life and use muvee Reveal to pull out the highlights and share with the world.

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Video Editing for Moms

A bowl of cereal is spilled on the floor, the toilet is flooding, and somewhere in the background kids scream (or sing… you can’t always tell the difference): being a mom is a tough gig at times. I might have tons of great photo and video clips, but who has them time to put them all together? When you’re a mom, the quick and painless approach to video editing is sometimes the best one to take.

Creative Video Ideas for Moms

They say that kids grow up in a flash, and it is certainly true. Babies turn into toddlers practically overnight. Stealing a few quiet moments to put together a video of a baby growing up is a fulfilling way to walk down memory lane. You might consider creating a “Year in Review” style video to premier at a child’s birthday party.

When you just want to preserve the memories, but don’t have time to put in the work, let muvee take control. Simply upload photos and video clips from your camera and let the software handle the rest. In just a few minutes, you can create a priceless video; what a great use for naptime. I love having videos to enjoy and share, even when I don’t have time to do everything myself.

Share, Share, Share

Nothing makes a mom feel better than bragging about her kids, and video is a great way to share. Create and share your videos on popular social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) in just a few clicks. You won’t have to worry about Grandma begging for a picture of your little ones when you create and share videos often.

Do you want the secret to loving your kids a bit more? Create cute videos of your kids and enjoy them during those difficult moments. Believe me, a tantrum is a whole lot more bearable when you’ve just watched a video of your kiddo saying, “I love you”.

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A Whole Lot of Video in Just 6 Seconds

Forget 140 characters, 6 seconds can tell a lot of story if you do it with video. Have you tried Vine? This innovative app from Twitter allows users to make and share short looping videos. Vine has taken off since its introduction reminding us that short is certainly sweet.

You can create video magic in just a few short seconds. Check out some of these great Vine videos for inspiration. Don’t worry at just 6 seconds each, you have plenty of time to enjoy them all.

Adorable Hedgehog

I like a good cat video just as much as the next person, but after this adorable video I’ve decided a hedgehog video always wins. Watch as these adorable critters frolic and play.

Stranded on a Lego Submarine

This clever Vine video takes the short film to a whole new level. What would you do if you were trapped on a Lego submarine? This series of videos is well worth a watch!

Mystery Lover

Are you a bookworm? Whether you love to read or hate it, this video is a delightful watch. The animation is stunning. I wonder how they were able to achieve some of the effects.

Floating Away

Six seconds is definitely enough time to travel to a far off land. I love how this video transports viewers high above the earth. It’s like being there without ever having to leave your computer.

Vine Compilations

If you can’t get enough of Vine videos, search out a few Vine compilations on YouTube. These compilations use video editing software to mash up some of the best Vine videos around. If a Vine video is a taste, then these compilations are an all you can eat buffet.

What will you do with Vine?

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Video- A Window to the World

Video makes the world seem smaller. Yes, it can help us to share family memories and happy moments, but it has the potential to do so much more. Video can open our eyes to the struggles and hardships of others helping to educate the world about wars, political strife, and human suffering. Right now the situations in the Ukraine and Venezuela come to mind, but video is a medium with potential in many different political climates.

Life One Second at a Time

While war and contention takes its toll on all, it can be especially difficult for the children. This second a day video takes the viewer on a heartbreaking journey through the life of a little girl. Watch as a vibrant and spirited young girl transforms from the changes in her world. The news might share snippets of what’s going on, but this video really helps us to understand how the situation is impacting the real people involved.

Venezuela Exposed

With nearly 3 million views in about a month’s time, this video showcasing the struggles of Venezuelan citizens paints a dramatic picture of the protests that have been rocking the country and still continue. This video, made a student filmmaker, changed the world’s perceptions of the events, bringing them to worldwide attention.  The video has some disturbing images, but the message is an important one.

Can video change the world? I think these two stunning examples shows us that video can play an important role in exposing the difficult circumstances that plague the world.

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Celebrate Your Inner Filmmaker This Oscar Season

It’s Oscar season when stars walk the red carpet and we celebrate the year’s best films. While American Hustle, Gravity and Dallas Buyer’s Club are expected to bring home some of the year’s biggest awards, one great film didn’t get an Oscar nod at all. Your latest muvee creation would surely win an award if it were up to us. Seasoned filmmaker or total amateur, muvee Reveal lets everyone bring out their inner filmmaker.

Are you ready to create your own Oscar-worthy creation? In just a few clicks you can sweep the awards categories with muvee Reveal.

Best Special Effects

Intertitles, captions, transitions and more. We’ve got an array of special effects to WOW your viewers! Friends, family and business associates will wonder where you went to film school.

Best Soundtrack

Put some music in your muvee in just a few clicks. Adding in your favorite songs can set the tune for your video slideshow creation. Use your own music or choose from an array of handpicked, licensed selections chosen for each style. Reveal will analyze your songs, ensuring that your pictures and video clips move and groove with your selection.

Best “Picture”

You don’t have to be an expert videographer to make an award-worthy video. Reveal will combine your best video clips and photos to create a slideshow all your own. Grab your camera and start shooting; you take the photos and we’ll do the rest!

Don’t let the Hollywood big shots have all of the movie making fun; our video editing software can turn anyone into a star! What will you create?

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How to: Use Cinematic Trailers to Feel Like a Star

With muvee Reveal anyone can be a star. We make it easy to create professional quality videos without professional training. But, it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve created your stunning video slideshow, we help you share it in style too. In just a few clicks you can create Hollywood-inspired cinematic trailers to spread the word about your big film. You might not have to walk the red carpet, but with muvee Reveal you’ll still feel like a celebrity.

Here’s how you do it:

Create your movie and then click on the “Personalize” button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Choose the “Title” tab. Select “Cinematic Trailer”. Choose from 5 Hollywood inspired themes like Urban Chic, Romance and Action. Enter a little information about your video… Don’t forget to include the names of your stars! Finally, choose up to four photos to feature in the trailer (if you don’t choose, we’ll select shots from your video for you).

Don’t just create a Hollywood worthy video; share it in style just like the stars with Cinematic Trailers. Check out this short video for a step by step walk through of the process.

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How to: Use magicMoments to Highlight Favorite Clips

That hilarious slip on an icy sidewalk, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, the gummy smile of a new baby, these magic moments are what making videos is all about. We make it easy to capture those golden moments in each and every video slideshow using the magicMoments feature in muvee Reveal. For those times when you want to be certain your special moment makes the cut, use magicMoments; we’ll show you how below.

Using magicMoments is as easy as giving a “thumbs up”. Simply choose (and click on) a video clip. Choose magicMoments from the drop-down menu. Play your clip and choose your favorite (and least favorite) bits as you go. Click on the green thumbs up to highlight those special moments; choose the red thumbs down for moments you don’t want to appear. Leave some moments neutral and we’ll automatically choose the best bits to include in your creation.

Make sure the best moments always make it into the final version of your video slideshow. Cringe-worthy, tear jerking or downright hilarious, magicMoments makes sure those special moments get the attention they deserve.

Want to see magicMoments in action? Enjoy this under a minute video on using magicMoments.

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How to: Trim Your Music Tracks with muvee Reveal

Short videos deserve music too. Do you have the perfect song in mind for a video slideshow, but need to cut it down a bit? Do you want to use just the chorus (or any other bit) of a song? With muvee Reveal it’s easy to trim music tracks to just the right size. Whether you want a quick snippet of sound or something a bit longer, it just takes a minute to make your song the perfect length.

Choose the song you would like to use. You can see the recommended option or change the selected music in the Styles section of muvee Reveal. To adjust the length of a track choose “Change” underneath the selected song. Move the sliders either direction in the window that will appear until your song is the perfect length. Press play to hear the selected portion and then “OK” to apply the changes.

Great music makes for a great muvee. Use the trim your track feature in Reveal to ensure that any song will be the perfect size for your next video. Check out this short video (under a minute) for more details.

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New Year’s Resolution Inspiration: Videos to Get You Motivated

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions this year? I resolve to watch more videos. Finally, a resolution I’ll be able to keep! Enjoy these inspirational (or hilarious) resolution themed clips.

Resolution Fails

If you haven’t seen this Resolution Fails video from last year, give it a quick watch. It’s hilarious and comforting to know you aren’t alone in your resolution failures. One way to improve your success is to document your efforts; consider making a video diary of your efforts and using muvee Reveal 11 to edit and share your journey once you succeed.

Berkeley Resolutions

Do you need some inspiration before choosing a resolution for yourself. These college students from UC Berkeley share some of their resolutions. From learning yoga to studying more, you’ll find plenty of ideas for improving yourself in the New Year.

Obama’s Resolutions

You aren’t the only making resolutions for 2014. Watch this clip and see what our president is hoping to do in the New Year.

New Year’s Resolution Song

A great video never goes out of style. This New Year’s Resolution video is an oldie, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a great one.  Warning: the tune is catchy so don’t let it get stuck in your head!

Cute Kids

If these adorable kiddos from Boston Children’s hospital don’t make you want to resolve to be better, nothing will. Nothing is more refreshing than the glimmer of hope radiating through the eyes of a child. Let’s all resolve to be a bit better this coming year.

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2014?

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Our Favorite Videos of 2013

As we say goodbye to 2014, let’s take a walk down memory lane and enjoy some of the best videos of the year. You’ve probably seen some of these floating around YouTube and social media, but a great video is always worth watching twice (or more than twice). From wedding videos to music videos and everything in between, it’s been a great year for video; I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.

Seeing Her for the First Time… Again

Good thing this man still thinks his wife is hot. This funny video shows that attraction can last through the years and even through surgery and anesthesia. With more than 13 million views, this clip’s a 2013 classic.

What Does the Fox Say?

Strange, but entertaining the video for “What Does a Fox Say?” is probably one of the most influential music videos of 2013. Where else can you learn that dog goes “woof” and cat says “meow” while enjoying a great tune?

Goats Yelling Like Humans

Do you remember this funny video?

A Bad Lip Reading- NFL Style

If you’ve ever wished you could read lips while watching a football game, this clip’s for you. Hint: they aren’t talking about the end zone or the quarterback, but rather cake, mai tais and heroin.

Clip of the Year

If you had to pick one of this year’s videos to crown “Clip of the Year”, which one would it be? With so many great options, I doubt I could pick just one. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel did the hard work for us. Have a laugh as you enjoy some of the year’s runners up and then see which clip is chosen for this year’s best. YouTube has created a great mashup of this year’s videos too.

Goodbye 2013… Thanks for the wonderful videos!

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