15 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

If you’ve been to as many weddings as we have, you know how expensive they can be. From food to photographers to venue, those costs add up quick. We’ve put together some tips to help you brides and grooms to be save a few bucks.

Here are 15 ways you can cut costs while making your unique wedding vision happen just the way you want.

  • Cut wedding videography prices.
    muvee Reveal offers you a simple and quick way to create a wedding video or slideshow without an expensive videographer.
  • Use an all inclusive wedding venue.
    Book a multipurpose venue rather than a big empty room, so you don’t have to hire outside caterers, or rent tables and chairs. Just be sure to watch out for upgrades to “premium” chairs or place settings.
  • Avoid most popular wedding dates.
    Avoid a Saturday in June and pick an off-peak day, like Friday night or Sunday afternoon, in an off-peak month, like September.
  • Make your own unique wedding invitations.
    Make your own invitations. Do-it-yourself kits are easy to find at craft stores, or you can design your stationery online and have it printed for much less than traditional methods.
  • Limit +1’s.
    Keep the guest list down by putting some limitations on “+1.” Limit guests to significant others and avoid the random dates of distant cousins.
  • Small bridal party.
    Keep the bridal party small and you can avoid large rehearsal dinner costs and lots of “thank you” gifts.
  • Consider a wedding dress rental.
    Save your money for the dress and rent or borrow accessories from friends, family, or even online.
  • No need for both wedding cake and dessert.
    Don’t do double duty on dessert and skip straight to the cake. Most people will have eaten plenty, and will be looking forward to watching your cake shenanigans anyway.
  • Unique wedding centerpiece ideas.
    Create your own centerpieces using things like paper flowers instead of real ones, “upcycled” bottles, or even photographs of yourself. Your wedding favors can also contribute to the look of your centerpieces if you use candles or budvases.
  • Provide wedding cocktails.
    Have a cocktail hour instead of a fully hosted bar. A cocktail hour keeps a sophisticated tone while keeping limits on the bar tab.
  • Your own wedding music mix.
    You can hire a DJ to play all of your favorite music, but spending a few hours to make a wedding playlist for your iPod could save you a lot of money, without fearing an accidental Chicken Dance.
  • Hire college musicians.
    If you want live music for the ceremony, consider hiring college music students for your string or jazz quartet. They will give you a great performance at a great deal.
  • Cash wedding registry.
    Instead of just spending money, set up a cash registry in lieu of a traditional registry. Cash registries can be cute, personalized, and can get you what you need most without your having to return a toaster.
  • Arrive early.
    If you can get ready at the venue, skip the fancy transportation and get a ride there a little early when no one will see you arriving.
  • Candid wedding photography.
    Encourage guests to take lots of photographs so you can hire a professional photographer for fewer hours. You’ll get beautiful candid shots from many more perspectives than one photographer could get alone.


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The Best 4th of July Video Yet

What says the 4th of July better than barbeques, fun, and of course fireworks? Capture your holiday fun in all of its patriotic glory with these explosive tips. This year watching your 4th of July themed video slideshow might be more fun than the actual holiday itself.

Capture Stunning Fireworks Photos

Do you want to take your best fireworks photos this year? It can be done, although it will require a bit of pre-planning. Try this:

  • Choose Your Location Carefully- Breathtaking firework shots require careful planning when selecting a location. Scout out potential sites in advance and show up early. Although most fireworks viewers will be seated in big open spaces, you’ll want to choose a location with gorgeous background elements like trees, lakes, etc.
  • Use a Tripod- Long exposure times are needed to capture fireworks. Use a tripod to keep your shots steady.

Don’t Stop with Photos- Fireworks Video Tips

While photos of sparkling and shimmering fireworks are certainly delightful, videos play an important role in capturing the red, white, and blue festivities too. Don’t limit yourself to still shots, grab plenty of video clips as well. This will give you more material to use when it comes time to edit your video. Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Keep it Steady- Just like photos, video shots of fireworks need a steady hand or better yet, a tripod. This will keep your video looking smooth so people can enjoy the fireworks, not feel like they are in the midst of an earthquake.
  • Grab Some Shots of Your Crowd- Fireworks are stunning, but a big part of the fun are the people you watch them with. Turn your video camera away from the sky for a bit and capture the open mouthed stare of a child or the hidden smile of a teen.

Bokeh from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

Happy 4th of July!

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Free muvee Reveal 11 for Mommy Bloggers

Are you a mommy blogger? We want you to give muvee Reveal 11 a try and help us spread the word about how easy it is to create custom videos with our video editing software. Make adorable videos of birthday parties and show off your kiddos with stunning photo slideshows. Get in touch with us and try muvee for free; we’re certain you’ll love it!

Why try muvee Reveal 11? Here are a few of the reasons mommies like you love our software:

  • Videos in Minutes- One mommy blogger that tried our software created her first video in just 10 minutes (check out her great video at the bottom of this post). Being a mom is a lot of work, but if you can find 10 minutes to spare, you can create videos of your children, even on your first try.
  • Share in Seconds- Show off your cute kids to family, friends, and blogging buddies around the world with easy uploading to Facebook and YouTube.
  • Music that Won’t Get Flagged- Have you ever experienced the dreaded copyright flagging and removal on Facebook and YouTube? We’ve teamed up with Rumblefish to offer a huge library of music for licensing on your various projects. You can be sure that your movies won’t be flagged or removed.
  • Styles for Every Style- Every mom is different and every video you create can be too. With muvee Reveal 11 you’ll find a variety of unique styles to suit every personality and mood. You can even customize photos with stickers, frames, and embellishments using muvee’s Graffiti feature.
  • So Easy Even a Kid Can Use it- Get your kids in on the video editing fun too. This blogger found that muvee Reveal 11 was fun for the whole family. Even her kids could make their own videos with very little adult help.

Contact Us to Give muvee Reveal a Try

If you’re a blogger and want to try muvee Reveal for yourself (for free), we’d love to hear from you. Email Lindsay for more details.

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Are You Sick of Having Your Music Videos Removed from YouTube?

A video slideshow without music is like a day at the beach without the sun. Music adds life, excitement, and interest to your videos. If you plan on uploading your video content to Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, music presents a complicated problem however; many uploaded songs from your personal collection will lead to your video being flagged, removed, and potentially blocked from the site. What’s a video creator to do?

In muvee Reveal we’ve teamed up with Rumblefish (the same company that licenses music to YouTube and Vimeo) to ensure that your creations won’t be flagged for removal due to music infringement. Awesome pictures, fun video clips and the perfect soundtrack to tie it all together. With muvee Music you can search, download and license music from an eclectic roster of curated, independent artists and award-winning composers. Awesome music and a video that won’t be flagged for copyright infringement: muvee Music is a video making dream come true.

How Does muvee Music Work?

If you ever made music videos for YouTube or Facebook, you’ve likely experienced the inevitable flagging and removal for copyright infringement. It’s one of the most frustrating things about posting videos online. To solve the problem we’ve teamed up with Rumblefish so you can easily find and license music content that won’t be removed. You’ll find great music in a variety of genres and styles perfect for everything from wedding videos to business projects and more. It’s easy to search and easy to use to find the right song for your project.

Amazing Music Videos, Slideshows, and More

How will you use muvee Music? Choose a funky tune to add some zip to an employee training video or turn up the fun on your next vacation photo slideshow. muvee Music is our very own music store where you can search, download and license from a HUGE library of songs and use them for your business, wedding or personal muvee projects. Enjoy!

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Home Video Fun with muvee Reveal

Watching home videos is a great way to relive laughs, share memories, and forge an everlasting bond with family and friends. But, not all home videos are created equally. With video editing software you can tweak your videos into fascinating clips your family will want to watch again and again. Don’t let treasured memories slip away; preserve and share with muvee Reveal.

How can you use muvee Reveal for great home videos? Here are some ideas to try with your family.

Create Movies Together

It is great when family lives close by, but more often than not, our loved ones live across the country or around the globe. muvee Reveal’s collaborative editing feature brings the family together allowing multiple users to create videos as one. Add photos, tweak memories, and save changes on one shared file with family members around the world. You’ve never felt closer than when you work on preserving family memories together.

Share via Social Media, Email, DVD, and More

Home movies are best when they are enjoyed together and muvee Reveal makes it easy to share. Post your latest creations to Facebook to share with family and friends around the world or create a DVD and mail it out. With many options for sharing your videos, you’ll be able to keep everyone in the loop.

Have Some Family Fun

Don’t forget to have some fun with your family. Use Graffiti to mark up your family photos for a video slideshow that’s sure to delight. Add frames, funny moustaches, caption bubbles, and more. Family videos have never been so much fun.

Great home movies are just a few clicks away. Upload your favorite photos and video clips and share your favorite family memories today!

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Wedding Videos Ready When You Are

Wedding season is upon us and of course that means wedding videos. Don’t pay and then wait for a videographer to make time for your memories! Drag and drop, style, then share as soon as you want to. With muvee Reveal it’s easier than ever to create your own custom videos. If you’re planning a wedding this year (or know someone who is), skip the videographer and do it yourself. You’ll save money, stay in control, and ensure that your wedding video is as perfect as your special day.

A Wedding that Reflects Your Unique Union

Your love is one of a kind and so is your wedding. Why not your wedding video? With all of the personal details that go into designing a wedding, your wedding video software should let you reflect your personal style as well. You don’t have to worry about timelines or color filters because muvee Reveal offers styles, themes, and effects specifically tailored to making unique wedding memories. Wild, crazy party or candlelit romantic dinner, muvee Reveal has styles to fit every occasion. With our style personalization feature you can tweak each of our unique styles, adjusting things like energy level, pace and color effects until your wedding video is perfect, just like your special day. You can even customize your movie with your wedding song.

Get Your Guests Involved

With muvee Reveal you can get your guest’s in on the wedding video making action by asking them to submit photos of your day to your muvee Cloud account. From any camera or device, with any size, format, or aspect ratio (e.g. widescreen or standard), muvee Reveal can use any source to help you create a dynamic wedding video from any perspective.

Our collaborative editing feature can bring even more fun to the mix. Get your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even the mother of the bride involved in the wedding video process. Whether your wedding party lives down the street or across the globe, you can work on editing your wedding video together.

Say Thanks with Video

Give your guests a fun opportunity to remember your “I dos” with a wedding video all their own. Create unique thank you videos to share with those that came or put together a wedding slideshow to share with family and friends that were unable to attend. Burned on a DVD, in an email-friendly file, or as an eye-popping HD experience, muvee Reveal provides several sharing options to show off your wedding video in a click. Share it online through YouTube, with Facebook friends, or just with those you invite to muvee Cloud.

How will you use muvee Reveal to create wedding video perfection?

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A Video Tribute for Mom- Video Editing Tips for Mother’s Day

What if you could combine the special sentiments of a Mother’s Day poem with the fun of a video? You can with our Videogram style. This fun style lets you showcase your inner poet and your inner videographer at the same time. Not a poet? Use a classic poem written by a literary great or perhaps the words of Mom’s favorite song. With Videogram the possibilities are limitless and the end result is sure to be great.

Ideas for a Special Mother’s Day Videogram

If you plan on creating a Videogram for your mom this year, here are quick and easy ideas that are sure to impress. Remember, Mother’s Day is just a few days away. If you want to create a video for mom this year, now’s the time to get started. Luckily, with muvee Reveal 11 and the Videogram style, you can put together a thoughtful video in less time than you might think.

A Look Through the Years

Combine a touching poem with photos of you and mom together through the years. Don’t forget those cute, chubby cheeked baby photos. Mom will love seeing her little one grow up again and this touching tribute will show Mom how much you care.

The Best Mother

Is your Mom one of the best? Show her with a great video. Include photos of your favorite mom with touching and heartfelt words. You could even get your siblings in on the fun by having them contribute favorite quotes, thoughts or photos.

Happy Mother’s Day Grandma

Grandma would love a Mother’s Day video too. Why not create a Videogram with photos of her little grandkids with a touching verse about love? Mother’s Day is for Grandma too.

Make this Mother’s Day the best one yet with a touching Videogram. Don’t have this style yet? Pick it up now from our StyleLabs and use muvee Reveal video editing software to create a stunning video just for your mom.

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Summer Music Festival Season is Here- Tips for Recording Awesome Video at the Event

What summer concerts are on your to-do list this summer? Will you be attending a big summer music festival like Stagecoach, Rockfest, or Lollapalooza? These fun filled festivals can be a great place to record killer video; create a video slideshow of your experience and share it with the world. Here’s some tips for getting the best video clips possible at summer music festivals this year. (If you’re looking for a new festival to try this summer, check out this great list.)

Know the Rules

Before you take your camera in to music festivals or concerts, make sure you know the rules. Some venues welcome recording while other outright prohibit it. Taking photos or video when not allowed can lead to repercussions like deleted memory cards, confiscated cameras, and even being kicked out of the event. Asking a few questions before you record can save you from a lot of hassle. Check the festival website, do a quick internet search, or make a few phone calls before you head out to the concert so you know what the rules are.

Getting Great Sound

Sound is tricky at live music events. You’ll get the best sound up close to the speakers, but as you well know, these areas can be a bit chaotic. If you have trouble recording great sound at the event itself, there are a few things you can do. You can take along an external microphone and try to record better sound yourself. Another easy option is to create a video slideshow of your favorite moments during a particular artist’s set and then to use one of their songs as the soundtrack. You don’t have to record audio yourself at the music festival to make a great video. For a slideshow of the whole event, choose a background song that fits with the feel of the event.

Use Zoom

If you want a great shot of your favorite music groups, but can’t seem to get right up by the stage, use your zoom. It can make a huge difference! This tip works well for both photos and videos. Make sure you turn off your flash though for distance shots.

Don’t Forget the Off Stage Action

While the performers on stage are certainly an important part of any summer music festival, the off stage action is a lot of fun too. Capture your friends and fellow concert goers as they dance through the afternoon. Lots of photos and video clips (of everything going on) will give you plenty of options when it comes time to edit your video.

To get you ready for festival season, enjoy this great video from Coachella 2014.

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Don’t Ground Your Video Possibilities- Drones Take Videos Sky High

We’ve heard a lot about drones lately on the news. Amazon wants to use drones to quickly deliver packages and the U.S. military uses this technology to bomb targets from afar. While these uses are a bit out of the scope of the average person, there are ways that you too can get in on the drone action. You can use a drone to record sky high video. Don’t limit your video recording capabilities to the land alone; drones can make your videos soar to the next level.

Video Recording Drones: How Do They Work?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use a video recording drone yet, you might have a few questions about how they work. There are a few models available right now, with similar features and capabilities. Many are controlled using a smartphone or tablet, capturing photos and video while you fly and streaming clips back to your connected mobile device on the ground. One of the most popular right now is the Parrot AR.Drone, a flying quadcopter that can hover, spin, and flip.  These drones are small, relatively affordable and a lot of fun to use.

High Flying Fun- Some Great Examples of Drone Recorded Video

When your camera isn’t tethered to the ground, you can create some amazing videos. Check out these sky high examples of great drone videos.

Surfing and Flying Do Mix

Often when we attend sporting events we watch from the sidelines as the action takes place far away. Drone recorded videos can get up close and in the middle of the action, even while you stand safely out of the way. This video of the US Open of Surfing provides a unique perspective to the action packed event. Their clever use of video editing software showcases all of the excitement going on, helping the viewer feel like they are actually there, experiencing the event themselves.

See the World’s Struggles

Drones also can share the world’s struggles and showcase problems. This video of the protests in Kiev is heartbreaking, but insightful.

Drone Review

How does a video drone work? Are they easy to use? If these videos have you in the drone spirit, this review might answer some of your questions. It’s like a behind the scenes tour for your favorite drone created videos.

Grab your drone and get to work creating amazing video from high above the earth. Our video editing software will help you turn your spectacular raw footage into usable video clips your friends will love.

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Preserving Your Spring Break Memories with Video Editing Software

What did you do for spring break this year? A fun family vacation? A little relaxation? Heading out of town with the family can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit disastrous. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your video camera with you. Using muvee Reveal to create a spring break video is a fabulous way to commemorate your trip.

Disneyland Disaster

Nothing says spring break like a trip to an amusement park. This cute video captures a funny encounter with Tigger during a Disneyland trip. The video creator shows the raw footage first. Intertitles, captions, and a replay really make the clip shine by providing a closer look at this Disneyland disaster. This extra work certainly pays off in making a funny incident even more memorable.

Spring Break at the Beach

You don’t have to hit the beach this spring break to make a sandy, ocean themed video. This cute video makes me want to spend all day lounging in the sand (and making funny videos of my family of course).

Swimming Compilation

This video is a bit long to watch in its entirety, but showcases a great way to capture a lot of similar family vacation memories together. What does your family love to do on vacation? Whether you enjoy great hikes, love the mountain bike, or prefer spending your time at a museum, this technique will help you gather together favorite memories from all of your travels.

Cat in the Suitcase

No collection of spring break videos is complete without a cat video. This video is an old one, but a good one nonetheless. This kitty-cat stowaway certainly is having a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo with its owner. Do you travel with your pets? These furry members of the family make great stars for funny home video clips.


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